Company History

Established in December 2013 and based in Santa Clara, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, Thalamus was created through a grassroots collaboration of program directors, program coordinators and applicants/medical students to address the inefficiencies in the residency and fellowship interview process. 

Founded by a pediatrics-anesthesiology residency applicant (now resident) and an anesthesiology residency program director, Thalamus provides a comprehensive online interview reservation and travel experience via a real-time scheduling system - online and mobile.

Whether on rounds in the hospital, studying for exams or traveling the country for interviews, residency and fellowship applicants may now instantaneously confirm their interview dates, take full control of their schedules and decrease their travel costs.

For program administrators, Thalamus streamlines communication by allowing applicants to self-schedule interviews, thereby eliminating unnecessary phone calls and emails. Thalamus handles all of the confirmations, cancellations and rescheduling, so administrators can focus on the "personal touch." Thalamus manages data, creates automatic facesheets, customizes scoring algorithms and more, to optimize trainee recruitment.


A team that understands the process.

Thalamus was built through a grassroot collaboration of program directors, program coordinators and applicants/medical students to address the inefficiencies and high costs of GME interview management and scheduling. Our team is committed to further innovating and improving the Thalamus platform to meet the needs of our applicant and program users. We continuously develop our product to ensure that it is the most complete software solution for residency and fellowship interview management. 

Have a great idea for Thalamus? Please let us know by clicking on the help icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Your feedback is always welcome and encouraged. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jason Reminick, MD, MBA, MS

CEO & Co-founder

Jason began his residency interview season stuck in NYC during Hurricane Sandy.  After three cancelled interviews and spending weeks trying to reschedule, he and Suzie began brainstorming a better way to manage the process.  Thus, Thalamus was born.  Since then, he has been committed to disrupting the interview scheduling and management process so that applicants, administrators and coordinators alike can have a more enjoyable interview season.   Clinically, Jason is a resident in pediatrics and anesthesiology with interests in pediatric chronic pain management, medical humanities (specifically theatre) and innovating medical technology.

Suzie Karan, MD

Vice President & Co-founder

Having spent over eight years as an anesthesiology residency program director battling the lake effect snow of western NY, along with the accompanying last-minute cancellations, Suzie had long imagined a system where interview scheduling could be managed automatically.  Gone would be the days of the excessive phone calls and emails that occupied the majority of her program coordinator’s workload.  And then in early 2013, what was scheduled as one of her regular mentor meetings with Jason turned into a discussion of what would then become Thalamus.  When not busy recruiting new residents (which has freed up lots of time thanks to Thalamus!) Suzie is a practicing anesthesiologist, researcher, teacher, administrator, mom, and wife - not necessarily in that order, either.

Damen Chan

Director of IT

Roland Murphy II

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Joseph Sanford, MD

Director of Research
and Data Science

Pavel Nosovitskiy

Senior IT and Customer Relationship Consultant


Noah Milman

Senior Operations Manager

Stephanie Yu

Senior Finance Consultant, Bookkeeper

Eva Weissman

Program Relationship Associate,
Former Residency
Program Coordinator

Alexander Reminick

Graphic Designer


Matthieu Newton, MD

Resident Ambassador

Daniel Orlovich, MD

Resident Ambassador

Jessica Kleiner

Senior Travel Consultant

Sully Del Valle

Program Sales Associate




Jeffrey Berger, MD

Associate Dean
Graduate Medical Education
Anesthesiology Residency Program Director
George Washington University

George Grellas

Founder and Managing Partner
Grellas Shah, LLP
Cupertino, CA

Chirayu Shah, MD

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Associate Program Director
Internal Medicine Residency
Baylor College of Medicine


Avery Kotler, Esq.

Principal, Kotler Strategic,
New York, NY

Paul Bigeleisen, MD

Professor of Anesthesiology
And Bioengineering, Entrepreneur Department of Anesthesiology
University of Maryland at Baltimore


Basem Abdelmalak, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
Chair, ASA Committee on
Medical Students and Residents

Denham Ward, MD, PhD

Emeritus Professor and Chair of Anesthesiology
Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Engineering
University of Rochester
Adjunct Professor of Anesthesiology
Tufts School of Medicine
Co-director, The Academy at Maine Medical Center
Institute for Teaching Excellence